Friday, April 21, 2006

City Ambles: Sterling Cafe

Where in the country would a person expect to find the first certified organic restaurant? Most likely in the same geographical region as a community of yurt owning activists and compost bin believers, no doubt. If this were the case, your supposition would be correct - Seattle. Trust me, if you've ever visited here, you would know what I mean.
But Sterling Cafe has got to be one of the least pretentious and farthest from holier-than-thou restaurants in town; even considering the impressive bragging rights they hold to their name. A 99% certified organic menu? You can almost see the halo forming above their signage. Crazy.
And trust me, these people have searched far and wide to maintain the organic integrity of every meal served, and it shows. Absolutely excellent food!
Now, allow me to digress. I'd like to make mention of the best form of advertising a restaurant could ever invest in, word of mouth. In all honesty, I was oblivious to Sterling until my mother brought it up in a conversation months ago. Take note: she lives all the way out in Orange County, California. How in the world would she know of such a thing, being 1200 miles away? Answer: By sitting in a certain dentist's chair. Yeah, really.
The co-owner and founder of Sterling Cafe, Don Wilson, takes a trip to Southern California to dentally improve himself whenever need be. It just so happens he and my mother frequent the same dentist, and in turn, the same dentist's chair. This dentist in question happens to LOVE Don Wilson's organic cuisine. Presuming my readers can fill in the gaps, this is how Sterling Cafe and I met. And the pleasure was all mine.

Sterling Cafe
We had a wonderful time and the food was amazing. I had the chicken penne, mom had the veggie frittata, sis had minestrone, the boys had pesto penne, and all was excellent.
Banana Cream Pie
If you like bananas, then their banana cream pie is a must. If bananas aren't your thing, you can choose from a flurry of other options, like carrot cake. If carrots aren't your thing. Then you've gone completely mad.
Don and my Mom. Wow, look at those smiles. It must be the dentist.

So what did we learn from this story? Word of mouth is big, so try and clean it annually. No, wait. Word of mouth is big, and it's a small world. So be mindful of your actions. That's more like it. Ah, such deep ponderances, indeed.


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