Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Boil A Bean

Mango, sweet mango. Oh how I love thee! So many different things can be done with this tasty fruit. Take a gander at breakfast we made in Hawaii.

Mango Breakfast
There's mango in that there sausage.
Aidells Sausages has a great line of gourmet links that are gluten free, hormone free, and all natural. I had never before seen the Mango variety until we visited a Safeway in Kona. Big chunks in every bite. Very tasty indeed.
But what I really brought you here for is the Jackfruit. What a diverse and exciting fruit. As I stated in my previous post, these things can get enormous. Here's a photo of one we spotted in a farmer's market in Kona. Only $8 for the whole thing. What a steal.
Giant Jackfruit
Not only do they look like giant porcupines, the fashion in which they grow is rather peculiar too - either dangling off of a dead branch of the jackfruit tree, or from nodes on the trunk, much like a cacao pod might. When ripe, these things smell like bubble gum, are chewy like bubble gum, and taste like a combination of banana and mango.
Jackfruit Insides
While still an immature fruit, they are often harvested and used as a "vegetable" in many asian dishes and curries. But the strangest part about this mammoth fruit are the seeds. The guy at the farmer's market explained that if you boil the seeds, they are tastier than walnuts.
So, I tried that. Not so much like a walnut, more like a bean. In fact, both the hubby and father-in-law concurred that they tasted more like a lima bean than any sort of nut.
Jackfruit Seeds
You can often find jackfruit canned in any asian market. We haven't dared to taste it yet, but if you care to be adventuresome, here's a great recipe to experiment with.


At 5:53 PM, Blogger Fran said...

Wow that is really something. Love your Hawaiian posts.

At 10:24 PM, Blogger MonkeyBites said...

Thanks Fran!


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