Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hello Blog Universe!

Being that I have now formally been incepted into the World of Blog, I will go forward with my knowledge and use my bloggisms to the best of my ability.....er, or possibly just affirm in writing that I am, in fact, a hopeless dork.
Should I accept the challenge? Why, yes indeed. Should I stop spouting silliness and get to the point? OK.

I found it necessary to christen this blog with my inherent goofiness, simply to set a precedent: check your expectations, ego, foo-foo-ery, etc...at the door. We're going to have fun.

So let's get started....

As you may be wondering, "Why 'MonkeyBites' ?"
On only a handful of occasions (our wedding being one) has my husband ever called me by my given name, Erika. It has always, and will always be Monkey. Or some other permutation of endearment.
Hence, MonkeyBites....and NO, I don't bite.
I eat and I like to make food that others can eat too. MonkeyChomps just didn't sound right.
My mission in constructing this blog is simple: I want to make my food adventures accessible to any and all who share my interest in the art of filling your belly....well, that, and to fulfill my self-indulgent need to 'show-off'.
Whatever you choose to call it, so it is.


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